Jewish folklore is one of the most ancient preserved folklores in world culture, but its study in Israel is one of the most recent. Although it can be considered as a continuation of the study of Jewish folklore in central Europe, as part of the wissenschaft des Judentum and the ethnographic studies of Jewish Iife in Eastern Europe in the l9th century, Israeli folkloristics as an academic discipline did not start before the 1960th.

From the state of no-representation of the discipline in Israeli universities of that time, folkloristics is studied and researched now in all five Israeli universities, with a number of scholarly journals, and central position in Israeli academic life, education and society. The following information and paper (Hasan-Rokem & Yassif) describes the main developments, figures and publications.

The accumulation of Jewish communities in Israel from all over the world: Arab countries, East Europe and former Soviet Union, Central and Western Europe, South and North America, and Africa (especially the Jews of Ethiopia), the traditions they brought with them and the acculturation they are overgoing in modern Israel, are a fertile field for the study of folklore in all its variety.

Prof. Eli Yassif
Department of Hebrew Literature
Tel-Aviv University

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